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Professional Designation Requirements

The College for Financial Planning awards its designations to individuals who successfully complete the following requirements:


The year-long educational program for each designation encompasses specific content covering both theory and practical application. The curriculum is developed by the College's highly esteemed faculty with input from the country's top investment and financial firms giving students the benefit of applying their learning to real-world situations and cases. As a regionally-accredited institution of higher learning, the College applies rigorous pedagogical principles to all its curricula. The College for Financial Planning, with more than 37 years of financial services education expertise, is the most established and experienced provider of financial planning education in the industry.

The MPAS® designation is awarded to individuals who complete the College's Master of Science degree with a major in personal financial planning.


Individuals are required to pass a timed end-of-course examination with a 70% score or higher. The examination tests the individual's ability to synthesize complex concepts and apply theoretical concepts to real-life situations.

MPAS® designees are required to complete assignments, projects, research and papers and meet all graduation requirements for the Master of Science degree.

Designation Application

After successful completion of the end-of-course examination, individuals apply for authorization to use the designation. The application includes:

  • Adherence to Standards of Professional Conduct. The Standards of Professional Conduct establishes minimum standards of acceptable professional conduct for persons authorized to use the Registered Marks.
  • Self-Disclosure. Applicants must disclose any criminal, civil, self-regulatory organization, or governmental agency inquiry, investigation, or proceeding relating to their professional or business conduct. Conferment of the designation is contingent upon the College for Financial Planning's review of matters either self-disclosed or which are discovered by the College that are required to be disclosed.
  • Adherence to Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions outline designees' rights to use the College's Marks and acknowledges the rights of the College to protect the Marks from unauthorized use by individuals or entities.

Renewal Requirements

Following initial conferment of one of the College for Financial Planning's professional designations, authorization for continued use of the credential must be renewed every two years by completing 16-hours of continuing education (40 hours of CE for the MPAS® designation), reaffirming compliance with the Standards of Professional Conduct, Terms and Conditions and complying with self-disclosure requirements.

The College monitors its designees' compliance with the designation requirements and standards. Any alleged violations are subject to disciplinary procedures.

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